Beginning with the Big Five, psychology homework help



with the Big Five, compare and contrast Cattell’s 16 personality
factors and Eysenck’s three personality traits with the big five (listed
below). Explain which of Cattell’s and Eysenck’s traits are similar and
which do not match any of the others. All 16 of Cattell’s and all 3 of
Eysenck’s traits should be discussed. If a trait does not match any of
the Big Five, discuss it separately.

The Big Five:

1. Openness

2. Conscientiousness

3. Extroversion

4. Agreeableness

5. Neuroticism


trait theory, create a treatment plan for a hypothetical client who has
problems getting along with others. In the technique section fully
explain the trait assessment or trait tool you would use and why you
believe that is the best tool to use.

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