Select a case mentioned in a news article where memory errors have been known or can be assumed to have occurred


Memory Errors in Real Life

Laypersons are often unaware of the extent to which memory errors (including memory of events that did not occur and memory distortions) are commonplace and widespread. The purpose of this assignment is to make you think of not only memory errors in real life, but also the reasons behind their occurrence. Consider the steps listed below:

  • Read the “Adaptive Constructive Processes and the Future of Memory” and “Creating False Memories” articles which offer an overview of memory errors and their origins.
  • Keep in mind that your textbook is another valuable source of information regarding memory errors.
  • Select a case mentioned in a news article where memory errors have been known or can be assumed to have occurred (e.g., eyewitness testimony, instances of recovered memories of traumatic experiences, etc.). Describe the main features of the errors, their consequences, and their possible source(s) (i.e., what are the features of human memory that make the errors possible?). 

Engage your critical thinking skills:

  • Explain what cognitive psychology suggests that people do to decrease the occurrence of the memory errors that you discuss in your paper.  If these errors cannot be avoided, what does cognitive psychology suggest that people do to prevent the often damaging consequences of such errors?
  • Note that statements regarding the inaccuracy of human memory, and strategies to decrease the occurrence of errors and their consequences are to be supported by scientific evidence collected by experts. Thus, review the literature on memory errors and use at least two peer-reviewed articles that can answer the questions above.  

Guidelines for the AssignmentThis assignment must:

  • Start with a title page and end with a reference page.
  • The title page must contain the following items (title of paper, student’s name, course name and number, instructor’s name, and due date). 
  • Be at least five double-spaced pages in length (without counting the title page and the reference page).
  • Be sure to follow APA guidelines as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.
  • Begin with an introduction to the selected topic in which you define all concepts that will be discussed in the paper.
  • Briefly describe the memory errors featured in the selected news article and discuss potential sources and known or likely consequences according to the guidelines described above. 
  • Conclude your paper by expressing your thoughts about how these memory errors can be prevented or reduced, and the extent to which their often dreadful consequences can be minimized. Keep in mind that although your opinion is valuable, it needs to be supported by scientific evidence.
  • The reference section will be the final page of the paper.  In this section, you will cite the articles you choose to discuss in the paper and any other source you use. The articles that you are asked to read for this assignment (Loftus, 1997; Schacter, 2012) can be mentioned in your paper and can be included in the reference section, but a minimum of two additional articles is required.  Follow the 6th edition of the APA guidelines as laid out by the Ashford Writing Center.  Do use peer-reviewed articles from the AU library and from Google Scholar.

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