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Disc. 5: Voyages Part 2 Arrivals

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Voyages Part II Arrivals: Discussion Questions

Objective: As anthropologists we often have to learn to see issues from various perspectives (that is why we consider both the emic and etic perspective). The purpose of this discussion is to think about issues of migration, identity and home from different people’s points of view in Voyages.


For this assignment you will choose a character from the book and answer the discussion questions from his or her point of view. Look through Part II of Voyages to find details about your character’s life. Think about how he or she would answer each question. Write your answer using the first person.

First: Watch the Video lecture for Voyages Part II, and read Voyages Part II. Choose a character and use your character’s name as the first line of your post (like a title). (Hit reply to my thread). (There are 9 possible characters to choose from. Only 5 people can pick each character. So, make sure to read through the posts and pick a character who has fewer than 5 threads.

Second: Answer each question from your character’s point of view. Use specific details from the book. You can use quotes, but put the events in your own words. Write at least 1 paragraph per question. (Question 5 can be one sentence each)

Third: For question 5, write two discussion questions you want to ask two particular characters (or all the characters in general).

Fourth: After you finish your post, read through other people’s posts and respond to at least 2 people’s posts and questions. You can answer questions for any character, it doesn’t just have to be the one you chose for your original thread. Write at least 1 paragraph per answer.

Character’s to choose from: Seini, Eseta, Manu, Malia, Atu, Finau, Palu (Emma), Vei, Lio Jr.

Answer these Questions from your character’s perspective:

  1. Give a brief introduction of you, your family and your life. What is the most important experience you have had in your life and why?
  2. Tell us about what your home looks like and what your home means to you. In this you could describe the significance of the design, rooms, decorations, how it was built, who lives there, where it is, etc. How does this home differ from the places where other people in your family (or village) live?
  3. Do you feel Tongan, American, Tongan American or something else and why? Has this changed over time? How do you feel that migration has impacted your family, your life and culture?
  4. How do you feel about being interviewed by Cathy Small and being part of her book? Do you feel that Cathy is part of your family, why or why not? What do you think is the value of participating in an anthropological study like this one? Were there any negative aspects of participating in her study? Do you think Cathy Small is writing from a humanistic or social science perspective?
  5. Look at the list of characters. Choose two characters and write questions for them. These questions should be from your character’s point of view. Think about people your character might have a special relationship, argument or issue with. For example, Vei might ask Emma what she thinks her life would have been like if she had stayed in Tonga instead of migrated, etc.

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