3 pages paragraphs


Exercises must be presented in a neat, well organized and professional manner as follows:

  • Show your name at the top of the page and Staple it.
  • The problem statement should include the essence of what is given and what is to be determine, not the question as provided to you. Include figures as appropriate.
  • Problem solution presented in a logical, orderly fashion, and enough but brief text (such as headers) to clearly explain the procedure used. All calculations shown separately, including units and conversions; and

13th edition of Book late work will not be accepted

Due Date: Thursday 10/11/18

Chapter_7: 1) Case Study # 14 page 281: Northern Gushers

One-page report of your recommendations

Chapter_8: 2) Case Study # 6 page 305: Lease a Lot

One-page report of your recommendations

3) Case Study # 10 Page 305: The Cutting Edge

One-page report of your recommendations

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