ADM614 GCU Environmental Challenges Through Public Sector Discussion


Part 1 (150 words)

An externality constitutes a market failure. An example of an “negative” externality is air pollution from power-generating facilities (e.g., coal-fired power plant). Identify and explain two market-based solutions that would help to mitigate negative externalities, like air pollution? How would government, if at all, need to play a role in pollution abatement?

Part 2 (150)

Have legislative remedies, like the Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act, produced results to mitigate negative externalities? At what cost? Have the benefits of the legislation outweighed the costs to industry? Identify and describe two additional measures that state and/or city governments are undertaking to reduce contributions to climate change by addressing degradation of air, land, and water (e.g., efforts in California, City of Phoenix).

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