business organizations multiple choice questions help


Out of all of the business types you learned about, _____________ is the most complex in order to form.

a. sole proprietorships

b. partnerships

c. a limited partnership

d. corporations


The following disadvantages: Unlimited liability, limited capital, burden of responsibility on the owner, and limited life apply to a_________.

a. partnerships

b. sole proprietorship

c. limited liability company

d. corporations


A cooperative apartment building is run by a ________ whose capital stock is owned by its tenants.

a. sole proprietorship

b. corporation

c. partnership

d. limited liability companies


Which of the following is the most autonomous?

a. Partnerships

b. Limited liability companies

c. Corporation

d. Sole proprietorships


Which of the following accounts for the least amount of the three business types that are formed in the US?

a. Corporations

b. Partnerships

c. Limited liability companies

d. Sole proprietorships


In a typical partnership, shareholders hold stock or shares within the company.

a. True

b. False


The following advantages: unlimited life, ease of transfer, and limited liability apply to _________.

a. partnerships

b. sole proprietorships

c. corporations

d. limited partnerships


How does an investment from investors in a corporation work?

a. They are only accountable for the amount they invest in the corporation.

b. Their investment and personal savings are both liable when they invest in a corporation.

c. They are guaranteed their investment back in case the company goes out of business.

d. None of these answers


It is fairly easier for a corporation to raise capital compared to a sole proprietor.

a. True

b. False


A formal contract to repay money with interest is a ________.

a. bond

b. principal

c. double taxation

d. share

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