Final Project I: Portfolio Proposal



Submit your final portfolio proposal. It should be six to eight pages in length, and should include revised Milestone One and Milestone Two (Critical Elements I and II as outlined in the Final Project I Guidelines and Rubric) with incorporated feedback from the instructor, along with Critical Element Sections IV (Financial Considerations), V (Ethical and Professional Standards), and VI (Conclusion).

To complete this assignment, review the Final Project One Guidelines and Rubric document.

Actually, I have finished the milestone 1&2. I need you to integrate the two milestones into final one and strictly match the requirements of the final rubric. Every elements in final rubric must be written. For example, I didn’t mention one element of rubric in the original milestone, please help to supplement it. But Don not worry because I’ve almost mentioned them before.

Please refer to final rubric for every details, including format and layout. I don’t want to see your final one consisting of being easily copied and pasted.

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