Is trade a good thing and how does it effect the world.


  • 1.
    In conjunction with the
    discussions on developing nations and the hurdles they must overcome not only
    on an economic level but also on a socioeconomic one as well—I want you to
    focus on ONE low-income economy per the World Bank fact page. See the link that
    highlights the group of countries in this category. You can click on a country
    name within the World Bank page to get more information as well as do your own
    research. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.International
    trade and exposure to foreign investment and relations are often seen as
    impossible for countries with such limited resources. trade is NOT based on absolute advantage but rather a
    comparative one so even though a country appears on the surface to be
    challenged on a variety of levels it is not impossible to benefit from trade.
    Once you have selected a country of interest do some research regarding the
    social, economic, political, etc., climate of the country. Summarize your
    findings and comment from a strictly international trade perspective on
    strategies you might suggest or find plausible to assist this country in
    entering into the international trading arena. Creativity is rewarded here and
    this will be based on data gathering but also will incorporate a large degree of
    your own opinions. For instance, you might focus on ways in which the country
    can gain access to credit, loans, funding, direct investment or
    social/political strategies to strengthen the credibility of the country. Site work2. Consider a scenario where you are having to debate with an individual is completely anti-trade. What are some arguments you would use to explain to this person that benefits outweigh the costs in the international trading game? From an economic perspective and not so much a political one, why is freer trade beneficial to the world as a whole? site work
  • 3. Why is there a certain level of skepticism from more-developed nations (MDCs) when it comes to developing nations in terms of globalization and trade? Do you agree or disagree with this level of skepticism? site work

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