SIU From Compstat to Gov 2 0 Big Data in New York City Management Case Study


Case study:

Read the following case : ” From Compstat to Gov 2.0: Big Data in New York City Management From Compstat to Gov 2.0: Big Data in New York City Management – Alternative Formats

” (Gilsinan, K and Stepan, A, 2014) from Case Consortium @ Columbia. PDF file also available in the Required Learning Resources section.

The goals of this assignment are:

  • To introduce students to the use of big data in a public policy context
  • To gain insight into the thinking behind a decision to use data analytic
  • To assess the continuity of a big data project

Your task is to:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the case
  2. Write WORD document containing the following sections:
    • Title Page: Title page must have the following information:
      • You name (as registered for this class)
      • Class Number and class name
      • CRN Number
      • Assignment name: (Week 1 Assignment 1)
      • Your contact information (email)
    • Summary (1/2-1 page): provide a short summary of the case. The summary is a short statement of the most relevant facts of the case. It is not an introduction to the case.
    • Analysis (1-2 pages): describe the main issues in the case and the options with respect to those. Briefly provide arguments in favor and against each option. Limit the number of options to a reasonable number.
    • Answers and recommendations (1-2 pages): answer the following questions:
      • Should it [MODA] continue?
      • Was this the best approach?
      • What, ultimately, was the correct balance of centralization versus decentralization in the use of data for governance?
    • Conclusions summary (1/2 page): Summarize your findings, thoughts, comments, ideas for the future, etc.
  3. Save your WORD file using the following name: Week1-Assignment1-[your name].docx. Replace [your name] with your name as it is registered with this class.
  4. Submit your WORD document before the due date,

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