Writing Assignment: Prioritizing Economic Goals


Review the six economic goals discussed in this section. Then, in a paragraph of at least five sentences, describe the goal you feel is the most important to a country and explain why you feel this way. Be sure to provide at least two logical reasons to support your choice.

  1. Efficiency: Possible examples: An assembly line, a group of people working as a team
  2. Freedom: Possible examples: Someone choosing to buy a house in a particular neighborhood; someone choosing a career
  3. Security: Possible examples: Going to the gas pump and buying gas; knowing there are items that you depend on for survival, like knowing that the medicines you need will be in the pharmacy
  4. Equity: This is a difficult one! It is rare to find any economy where everyone makes the same amount of money.
  5. Growth: Possible example: a new factory being built
  6. Innovation: Possible example: new products on the shelves

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