public health initiative, Scholar-Practitioner Project


Submit an public health initiative you selected to be the focus of your Scholar-Practitioner Project for approval. ———-> YOU CHOOSE ONE!!!

Include a brief overview of the initiative and your rationale for selecting the initiative.

Please note the 1 page limit. Two paragraphs are sufficient for topic approval!

Be sure to also include an APA formatted title page and a reference page.

I just need to know what public health initiative/program you will be working with and where it is located and the rationale. The rationale should be based on science and not personal experience. This means one or two peer reviewed journal articles stating the public health need for the program and the impact of the public health issue on the population. Please do not tell me your “motivation” or personal experience with a public health issue. For example, “several people in my family have type II diabetes so I want to work with a program addressing the issue” is your motivation not a rationale.

Remember, it is always a good sign if your program has a name, that indicates an up and running public health program (e.g., Healthy Mothers/Healthy Babies, The Rose, Heart-to-Heart Community Outreach Campaign, CHARM, SMART Girls program, Maryland Million Hearts program, Blair Drug & Alcohol Partnerships (BDAP), Michigan Cancer Consortium Initiative, H.A.L.T. TB).

Please note that the SPP for this course MUST BE an already up and functioning public health program. You will not be creating a new program. I tell students to start with the local health department, community health centers, and county health clinics. They usually have smoking cessation programs, obesity prevention programs, diabetes prevention programs, or healthy moms/healthy baby programs, to name a few. Also please do not select a national level program, it must be small enough to create a budget. So again, think local!

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