financial markets multiple choice questions about bonds, economics homework help


Bonds loaned by the state government are known as a ________.

a. CD

b. savings bond

c. municipal bond

d. savings account


Bonds purchased from the Treasury of the United States are called?

a. CD

b. Savings account

c. Savings bond

d. Municipal bond


A ________ is a time deposit that the depositor agrees to keep in a bank for a specified time.

a. bond

b. U.S. savings bond

c. CD

d. savings account


_________ is the difference between what you own and what you owe.

a. Assets

b. Net worth

c. Liabilities

d. None of the above


__________ is the life of the bond.

a. Maturity

b. Risk

c. CD

d. Savings account


_________ are long-term obligations issued by governments and private corporations.

a. Certificate of deposit

b. Bond

c. U.S. savings bond

d. Savings accounts


A U.S. Treasury bond has the maturity of ________.

a. 50 to 100 years

b. 20 to 50 years

c. 10 to 30 years

d. 1 to 5 years


U. S. government obligation with a maturity of 2 to 10 years is a ________.

a. maturity bond

b. treasury bond

c. treasury promise

d. treasury note


There are always sure ways to invest in a stock to receive a profit?

a. True

b. False


One way for investors to spread their money into different stock options is to ________.

a. profit guarantee

b. stock risk

c. diversification

d. EMH


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