How Does the Fed’s Policy Actions Affect Bond Price Discussion Paper


How does the Fed’s policy actions affect Bond Price? What is your outlook for the bond market in 2020 and 2021?

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This is an extremely timing discussion board given the actions of the Fed in the last few day!!

As you have started the chapter on fixed income securities (bonds), here is a question for your discussion. I have included links to some articles and videos below. Don’t panic, they are very short in most cases. In the first part of your post, discuss how the Fed’s policy decisions can impact the bond market. Who would be most damaged by this Fed action, i.e. long term bond holders who hold till maturity or short term bondholders who plan to sell before maturity. Secondly, in your post, what is the outlook for interest rates and the bond market in the coming two years. Will the bond market flourish or flounder with the actions of the Fed. Please include an addition source for your conclusions, and reply to another poster.

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