Impact of demographics on demand and supply


  • Re-read the feature “Apply the Concept” in Chapter 3 around page 78 entitled “Millennials Shake Up the Markets for Soda, Groceries, Big Macs, and Running Shoes”
  • Consider the following passage from the Problem Sets at the end of Chapter 3:

From 1979 to 2015, China had a policy that allowed couples to have only one child. (Since 2016, couples have been allowed to have two children.) The one-child policy caused a change in the demographics of China. Between 1980 and 2015, the share of the population aged 14 and under decreased from 36 percent to 17 percent. And, as parents attempted to ensure that the lone child was a son, the number of male children relative to female children increased.

  • Choose two goods and explain how the demand for them has likely been affected by China’s one-child policy. Consider both the decrease in the percent of population 14 and under and also the change in the male-child-to-female-child ratio.

A minimum of 350 words required. The selected tutor will be provided the e-book information.

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