University of the Cumberlands Challenges in Capital Budgeting Research Paper


You are required to undertake a research addressing any contemporary corporate finance problem and propose recommendations to solve the problem. You must demonstrate an understanding of major financial theories, conceptual underpinnings of knowledge areas of corporate finance, and show evidence of critical thinking through careful research and critical analysis of the scholarly literature. You must clearly demonstrate high order thinking by going beyond descriptive discussions and must critically compare, analyze, synthesize and evaluate the assumptions and contributions of major theories, models and conceptual frameworks. You must also demonstrate the ability to independently research the literature and integrate information from different sources.

Students should use creativity, passion, and knowledge in corporate finance to choose a topic. The structure of the paper is as follows:

  1. Abstract
  2. Introduction
  3. Statement of the problem
  4. The purpose of the study
  5. Method of the study (qualitative, quantitative or mixed study)
  6. Literature review (10-15 peer-reviewed articles)
  7. Results & Analysis
  8. Conclusion & recommendations
  9. References

APA citation with overall less than 10% plagiarism.

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