ALY 6050 NEU Time Series Forecasting & Prediction Apple Inc Stock Prices Worksheet


Module 3 Project: Time Series Forecasting & Prediction

  • This assignment is designed to give you hands-on experience in performing both regression and time series forecasting. You will be given a particular real-life time series, and are asked to perform regression for predictions and to perform a time series forecasting. In addition, you are asked to perform a sensitivity analysis by using different parameter values and calculating measures of error for each of those values.
  • Use Excel all statistical work. All cells of Excel should contain formulas and using macros is not accepted. The report should explain the experiments and their respective conclusions, and additional information as indicated in each problem. Be sure to include all your findings along with important statistical issues.
  • he submission should consist of two attachments: (i) a word document summarizing the project and the results obtained, (ii) the completed Excel workbook. Please complete each part of the project in its designated worksheet.

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