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Case Study: CardioGood Fitness {Basic Business Statistics, 14th Ed.}

CardioGood Fitness is a developer of high-quality cardiovascular exercise equipment. Its products include treadmills, fitness bikes, elliptical machines, and e-glides. CardioGood is looking to increase the sales of its treadmill products and has hired The AdRight Agency to create and implement an advertising program. The agency plans on identifying particular market segments that are most likely to buy CardioGood’s products then locating advertising outlets to reach those market groups. Part of this process involves collecting data on sales and the customers buying CardioGood’s equipment. If a customer profile is identified, the agency can then advertise directly to these clients.

CardioFitness sells three lines of treadmills: TM195 (entry-level), TM498 (mid-level), and TM798 (high end). Eventually the agency hopes to identify whether the customer profile differs across these three products. To do so they compiled a dataset of both business transactional data and the results of a personal profile survey that every purchaser completes.

The agency team identified the following variables:

  • Product Purchased
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Education (in years)
  • Relationship Status
  • Annual Household Income ($)
  • Average number of times a customer plans to use the treadmill per week
  • Average number of miles the customer expects to walk/run per week
  • Self rated fitness (1 (poor) to 5 (excellent))

The results are stored in CardioGoodFitness file from the Excel Data Workbooks ZIP file.

1. At the 0.05 significance level, is there evidence that there is a difference in variability in household income between male and female clients? State the appropriate hypotheses, your test statistic, critical values, p-value, and conclusion.

2. At this point in the firm’s analysis, they are interested in determining whether there is a difference in male and female clients for the following variables:

  • Income
  • Average treadmill uses per week
  • Average miles per week

Make sure to state the type of test you are conducting, the appropriate hypotheses, your test statistic, critical values, p-value, and conclusion for each test.

3. Why might it be beneficial for the advertising agency to conduct the tests in (2)?

Also, I will give you one classmate’s discussion for you to response after you finish this. Thanks.

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