Challenges of Expansion to a Foreign Location, assignment help


Revise your Week 3 economic
analysis using the feedback provided by your facilitator to evaluate the
challenges of expanding your company’s production to a foreign market. This
will require you to revise previously recommended pricing and non-pricing
strategies for your company’s product based on the selected country’s economy’s
stage in the business cycle and the projected economic conditions. Discuss the
evidence that supports your recommendations.

Select a foreign market in which
to expand your chosen product.

Write a 1,750-word paper
(including any material you include from your Week 3 assignment) detailing your
findings. The use of tables and/or charts to display economic data over the
time period discussed is highly encouraged.

  Describe current global economic conditions
and their effect on local macroeconomic indicators in your selected country.
Consider forecasts for population growth, GDP growth, GDP per capita growth,
export growth, and sales growth.

  Evaluate the competitors’ existing
production in the chosen country.

  Evaluate forecast sales in the selected

  Determine the type of economy that exists
in your selected country – closed, mixed, or market.  What is the difference between these types of
economies and how might this affect your expansion?

  Describe how your chosen country’s current
credit market conditions affect demand for your product or service and your
planning or operating decision for your production in that country.

  Analyze the role of the selected country’s
central bank on that country’s economy.

  Evaluate the availability, education, and
job skills of the work force in the selected country. Discuss the additional
challenges of international production, such as political stability,
availability of government financing or other incentives, threat of capital
controls, and exchange rate risks.

  Discuss any additional supply chain
challenges you anticipate if attempting to sell your product made in your
chosen country to countries outside of that market.

  Discuss any comparative advantages your
company will have over competitors in that country.

  Recommend either for or against expanding
your company’s production into your chosen country based on your research.

Cite a minimum of three peer
reviewed sources not including the textbook.

Format your assignment consistent
with APA guidelines.


  Identify the market structure of the
industry). Needs support from references regarding oligopoly, needs market
share data for major suppliers. • Determine elasticity of demand for various
quality ranges of the product No data was presented. Lots of empty words, no
data, and no support from references • Determine how pricing relates to
elasticity of demand for competing models. needs data and specifics. Paper was
very general and did not analyze pricing. • Explain how changes in the quantity
supplied as a result of pricing decisions might affect the company’s marginal
cost, marginal revenue, and market share as production volume rises. What
reaction might be expected by other producers if one producer changes its
pricing strategy? Needs data and numbers plus support from references •
Determine strategies that a company might use to develop product
differentiation and market segmentation. What alternative non-pricing
strategies are available? What alternative non-pricing strategies can be used
to increase barriers to entry? • Discuss how producers might alter the mix of
fixed and variable costs to support their pricing strategy. Did not find.
Format the assignment consistent with APA guidelines.


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