GB540 Unit 1 Assignment – Free Market and Ethical Issues


Please reference the attached rubric for the assignment. Please follow it to the letter.

Markets are mechanisms for coordinating the set of connections of production operations that are
distributed throughout the whole economic system. Thus, the market is the predominant and
determining link between producers of goods and services and consumers. Accordingly, markets, as
an exchange of goods and services that takes place as a result of buyers and sellers interactions, are
generally considered the most efficient allocator of resources in the market economy.

However, free markets are not allowed to solve some of the social problems in a society due to
various reasons. One such social problem is illegal drugs. Another example is environmental issues
such as pollutions. For an additional example for a social problem, where supply and demand is not
allowed to freely function, conduct basic research on markets for human organs. There are black
markets (underground economy) for human organs in some countries. But a trade in human organs,
based on supply and demand, raises ethical issues and hence it indicates a limitation of relying on
markets to solve the social problems we have in the society.

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