7 pages essay about Politics and Religion

1. Choose one of the five prompts below. 

2. Answer the prompt in a paper that is 6-7 pages in length. 

3. Make sure you Identify which prompt you are answering. 

4. If you use lecture notes in your work, make sure you cite it. 

5. Papers must be double spaced and have 1 inch margins and 12 point font Times New Roman

 6. Papers must include a Works Cited page. 

7. Papers that include plagiarized text or the insertion of (block/long) quotes without a
summation or concrete theoretical point will not be tolerated. 

8. Turn in the papers in hard copy in class and on TED by 1pst PST at the latest on February 17,
2017. Late submissions on TED will not be possible/accepted. 

Choose one of the following five prompts to write on: 

I. Explain the analysis in American Grace.
i. (Sources: Lectures and Putnam and Campbell). 

II. Apply the course analytic map to one world religion or to monotheism.
i. (Sources: Lectures and Toby and Siegell) 

III. Explain American religious diversity.
i. (Sources: Lectures, Putnam and Campbell). 

IV. Explain the logic of the faith market and its implications.
i. (Sources: Lectures, Putnam and Campbell). 

V. Explain the logic of religious politics and political religions.
i. (Sources: Lectures, and Putnam and Campbell).

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