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Please use legal reasoning (FIRAC) to respond to this question:

René is driving a Speedo-brand auto when the vehicle accelerates without warning. Unable to slow the car, René is injured when the vehicle collides with a roadside guardrail. René files a suit against Speedo Motors Corporation, the manufacturer of the car, for product liability, on the ground of strict liability.

Guide to Applying Legal Reasoning to Any Situation

When asked to apply legal reasoning to a fact pattern, please follow this outline.

Identify and list the key facts, selected from the information presented to you. (Short bulleted list)

Write the question of law raised by the facts; include one or more facts to put the question into the context of the current situation. (One sentence)

Identify and describe the rule of law or common law principle applicable to the issue, from the material covered in the relevant chapter. (One sentence, NOT a statute or constitutional provision!)

ANALYSIS (application):
Using the key elements of the rule of law you just wrote to structure your analysis, apply the facts to each element and determine whether each element has been met by a fact. (One sentence for each element)

Using the language of the issue, write an affirmative statement answering the question raised by the issue. (One sentence, just like the issue sentence)

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