Assignment 1: Reflective Journal

There are times in every career when you will have to follow a rule that you disagree with. For criminal justice professionals, these times can be more intense than other fields because lives lay on the line.

For this Journal:

  • If you are a current criminal justice professional:
    • Choose a recent policy that you have had to implement but that you personally do not agree with.
  • If you are not a current criminal justice professional:
    • Choose a policy that you would be against implementing if you were a current criminal justice professional.
  • Describe the policy you selected.
  • Explain your personal disagreement with the policy, including why you disagree and whether you disagree ethically or practically.
  • Describe how you can/could reconcile or dismiss your own opinions and beliefs regarding policies you do not agree with and continue to perform your job.
  • USE APA formatting and Resources.

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