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Find the page on the attachment.

Worksheet for Rhetorical Analysis of a Passage from Fiction.

Directions: Working as a group, answer the following questions in full sentences. Give line numbers to locate your textual references once you have given the basic location of the passage. Submissions on Canvas are individual.

  1. Cite the author/narrator and give the page and line numbers of the chosen passage. State the basic focus(es) of the passage. EX: In this passage ( p 25, lines 1-10 ), Strout’s narrator conveys a conversation between X and Y in which a basic emotional dissonance is revealed.
  2. Name the first rhetorical device that supports the passage’s purpose. EX: Contrasting sentence lengths between the two conversing characters’ lines of dialogue suggest two different ways of addressing the sides of the argument…. ( Briefly explain this.)
  3. Name the second device that supports the passage’s purpose. EX: Contrasting diction ( word choice ) indicates two different attitudes toward the topic of the discussion …. ( Briefly explain this, citing the specific words that contrast. )
  4. Repeat the format of 3 and 4, considering imagery, symbolism, etc.

An alternative strategy is to work down through the passage from beginning to end. Sentence by sentence, analyze the rhetorical strategies and relate them to the focus.

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