English research paper

info below

How long should it be?

  • Seven to 12 paragraphs, with each paragraph between 8-10 sentences in length.
  • Can a paragraph be shorter than 8 sentences? Sure; some can be shorter, and some can be longer. But Seven paragraphs 2-3 sentences long is not acceptable. Use your judgement.

The proposal?

  • 2.4 PROPOSAL:
  • List 5 cultural characteristics of Country you wish to research. This can be any country. However; if you choose the United States, you must research an historical event and how it influenced five cultural characteristics of our country

Topics defined:

  • Choose a country and research five of it’s cultural characteristics. Include elements of the society that influence the cultural characteristics you have chosen. For example, you can choose to research historical sites, and the events that made them historical.
  • Another approach is to choose an historical event, then show how five of the cultural aspects of the country were influenced by that event.


  • Guidelines
  • Research and write 7 paragraphs about 5 cultural aspects of a Country that interests you
    • Describe 5 character’s of your country’s religion, spirituality, economic, family, food, clothing, community life, government, sports, foods, recreation, language, religion, education, transportation, economy, environment, arts, historical sites and/or landmarks celebrations, etc
  • MLA format, 10 quotes (evidence from the text) Works Cited page
  • 4+ sources
  • *Honors English must have 14 quotations

Template to guide you; you can vary this structure:

  • 7 Paragraphs:
  • Intro: (thesis)
  • Body 1: 1st Cultural characteristic of your chosen country
  • Body 2: 2nd Cultural characteristic
  • Body 3: 3rd Cultural characteristic
  • Body 4: 4th Cultural characteristic
  • Body 5: 5th Cultural characteristic
  • Conclusion (restate thesis)

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