Integrating Feminist Therapy

Feminist therapy can be easily integrated with all of the other types of therapy you have studied so far. In fact, many therapists integrate their own theoretical orientation with principles, techniques, and strategies of feminist therapy. In this discussion, consider how you might combine feminist therapy with your own personal theoretical orientation that you explored during Unit 5. In your post, address the following:

  • In your Corey text, review the core principles that form the foundation of feminist therapy practice (pages 343–345) and feminist therapy techniques and strategies (pages 349–353). Discuss how you will combine your theoretical orientation and feminist therapy using at least three of the principles, techniques, and strategies listed.
  • Men are not excluded from feminist therapy. Describe how male therapists and male clients can use and benefit from feminist therapy ideas.
  • As a feminist therapist, how could you integrate multiculturalism into your counseling?

300-400 words.

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