Lack of a clear Organization Structure, writing homework help

You have been assigned two partners. To get credit for this forum, you must:

  1. Download the papers of your group members. Read them.
  2. Then, start a thread with your classmate’s name (or add to it if it has already been created). Under that, you should respond to the directions listed on this Peer Review Sheet. Pages 1 and 2 contain the directions; Pages 3 and 4 contain the worksheet you should complete.

    This should be a minimum of 500 words total (meaning: 500 for the entire document–write your word count at the end).

  3. Then repeat steps 1 and 2 for your second partner.
  4. You should also, if the other reviewer from your group has posted, respond to that person’s thoughts on the paper you read. If they have not, come back and check later to respond then.
  5. Lastly, go to the thread with your name and read your reviewers’ feedback. Ask questions, get clarification, or, if you’re concerned about a particular area of your paper that they did not address, ask them for their thoughts on that. This piece is not required, but highly recommended.

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