List each financial institution and its full URL and date retrieved, assignment help

For this assignment, you will research information online about the differences between a regular bank, online bank (bank that does not have local branches only online) and credit union. You will answer the following questions for each:

Part 1:

  • List each financial institution and its full URL and date retrieved. YOU CANNOT COPY/PASTE THE INFORMATION.
  • What services does the financial institution offer (checking, savings, certificates of deposits)?
  • What are interest rates, if any, are computed on checking, savings, certificates of deposits?
  • How long does it take before any interest is applied to your account?
  • List several types of fees (at least three)
  • Does the financial institution offer specials for customers?

Part 2:

Based on your findings, which would you use for financial institution and why? Make sure this answer is detailed.

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