Reaction papers are a critical component of the conversation, law assignment help

Reaction Paper Guidelines

Reaction papers are a critical component of the conversation that will take place in this course. The reaction papers will be approximately two pages in length. The text will be double-spaced and formatted using APA format. Clearly identify the topic and present their personal viewpoint or perspective; however, students must also present a factual basis for that viewpoint (as opposed to an opinion paper). All references supporting the factual basis must be properly cited to the original sources in accordance with APA guidelines. All papers must be the work of the individual student – this is not a group assignment. The paper will be submitted to the Assignment box (This Assignment box is linked to Turnitin.)

Module 2

Reaction Paper Topics

For this Module, please choose from the following topics as the general subject of your paper:

Strict liability offenses

An omission (or failure to act) as criminal offenses

Possession off contraband as a criminal offense

Specific intent

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