write an essay on the story Night, English homework help

I need a research paper

4- 6 pages, MLA format with a minimum of three sources

Your task is to write an essay on the story Night. You should look at this essay as entering into a conversation with the other critics who have discussed the text. Begin your research by reading some of the critical essays on the text. Other areas of research that may prove helpful are interviews with the author, articles on the author, and any type of research on the contexts of the work (historical, cultural, etc.). Once you have dug into the research you can decide upon your particular focus. Your essay may be a thematic interpretation, or you may choose to focus on explaining how understanding a particular context makes reading the work a richer experience. If you have any questions, please let me know. Good luck.

I have started with making an outline I included some sources however you can find other sources but they have to be education forms.

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