Complete US History Assignment 2


These questions are designed to prepare you for Exam #1, which will be based on the short answers and essays you submit for homework.You should submit complete, detailed answers so you can use the homework assignment to help you prepare for the exam.

Short Answers:Write a brief paragraph for each term that explains who, what, when, where, how, why, and the significance of each of the following terms.

Mercantile System

Dominion of New England

John Locke

Navigation Act of 1696

Iroquois League

Essays:Write an essay that answers each of the following questions.Write a separate essay for each topic.

1.Discuss the British efforts to control trade in Colonial America.What was the Navigation Act of 1651 and what did it do?What was the Navigation Act of 1660 and what did it do?What was the Navigation Act of 1663 and what did it do?What was the Navigation Act of 1673 and what did it do?What was the purpose of the Wool Act, the Hat Act, and the Iron Acts and what did each do?What was the benefit of obeying these acts to the colonists?What was the Molasses Act and why did the colonists refuse to obey it?

2.Discuss the French and Indian War.What problems led to the start of the French and Indian War? How did the British get involved? What happened at Ft. Niagara?What happened at Quebec? What was the Treaty of Paris and what were the terms of the treaty?

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