Market Revolution, westward expansion, or the entrenchment of Southern slavery, history homework help

Essay based on American History using the following instructions:

The early 19th century was a time of swift and
significant change for many Americans, from almost all walks of life, in many
different ways. People also had different responses to these changes, either
profiting off of them, resisting them, or simply trying to make sense of them
and adapt as best they could. For this essay assignment, you will choose one of
the following early 19th century trends: The Market Revolution,
westward expansion, or the entrenchment of Southern slavery. In your essay you
should explain how most Americans understood the changes around them, as well
as who benefitted from them, who fought against them, and why. In formulating
your essay, you should make use of at least two primary source documents as
well as your textbook. Your thesis statement should answer the question: do you
think these changes were positive for American society as a whole?

Once again, papers should be 4-6 pages in length,
double spaced, normal fonts and margins. All other guidelines from the first
assignment apply as well. 


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