Pretend You Are the Instructor, writing homework help

To prepare for this Discussion, do the following:

  • Read and view the materials in your Learning
    Resources, including the Walden University academic guide pages on
    common reference list examples and using the Microsoft Word track
    changes feature. Review your APA manual for use in your assessment of
    the sample paper. Note: To assist you in your assessment, you may use any supplemental scholarly APA resources of your choosing.
  • Assess Michael’s Writing Style Prose Paper to
    identify any APA writing errors, and use the track changes comment
    feature to propose corrections. As you make suggestions or corrections,
    be sure to include the source name and page number(s) so the author can
    locate the correction rule. For example, if you find text that reads,
    “This study will provide…” your comment may contain the following
    comment: “This is anthropomorphism. To correct it, please refer to the
    APA manual, 6th edition, pp. 68–69 for details.” Do this throughout the
    entire sample college paper. In addition to uploading your review of the paper as an attachment
    in the Discussion thread, include in your post answers to the following:
  • What were the most frequent errors you identified?
  • What did you find easy about the review, and what did you find challenging? Why?
  • What do you plan to do to further improve your knowledge of APA?

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