Read (The Morning They Came for Us: Dispatches from Syria). and write 2 journals.

600 words for each!!

Use own words and simpls words (non native english speaker student

submit two (2) reading journals reflecting your reading of Janine di Giovanni’s The Morning They Came for Us: Dispatches from Syria. The first journal will cover chapters 1-5; the second: chapter 6-Epilogue. In each journal, answer the following questions:

  • What were the main ideas that stood out to you in this part?
  • What specific historic events were referenced in this part that advanced your understanding of the Syrian war? Were the dates, locations, and participants of those events identified?
  • What was the most memorable idea/conversation/story in this part?
  • Provide at least three (3) of your favorite quotes from this part (re-type, or copy/paste to clipboard if you are using an electronic book; no screenshots or pictures of the pages, please).
  • Provide any other reflections inspired by this reading

Each reading journal entry must be typed and uploaded to Blackboard as a Word attachment. As this is your journal, there are no strict format requirements, as long as you answer all the questions thoughtfully and comprehensively. As a guideline, without quotes from the book, your journal entry should be at least 400 words, no maximum.

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