the business intelligence project manager

Steel Wheels does not have a formal methodology or process
to develop the BI solution from start to finish. Take the BI Project
role in Steel Wheels and create a real Project Plan Proposal for Steel
BI solution. This project plan should include: the list of activities
(from start to finish) to create and maintain the proposed BI solution.
list should include all activities in the BI Project Life-Cycle. These
should be listed in the order in which these should be completed based
on the
BI Project Life-Cycle. Describe the purpose of each activity and add
status of the activities and dates (In-Progress/Pending/Completed
Status, Date
Entered and Date Planned/Actual Completion). Use the BI Project
Management Tool
(BI Project Management Tool.xls) that is attached in this assignment to create your BI Project Plan. Please
incorporate your ideas from the resource materials (articles, websites,
and videos).
additional information can be found : Why Business Intelligence Projects Fail (youtube)

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