Write a 500-750-word new critical analysis of Mending Wall

Focus the analysis on at least three elements of the poem as they relate to the theme of the poem (such as symbolism, imagery, style, point of view, etc.). The following requirements will be considered in the evaluation of the paper. The paper should:

  1. Provide an effective introduction that introduces the poem and its author as well as a clear thesis about how new criticism helps readers better understand the poem’s meaning or predominate theme.
  2. Include a brief overview of new criticism as a literary theory.
  3. Provide a fully developed analysis of elements of the story using new criticism effectively.
  4. Provide textual evidence with in-text documentation from the poem to support your analysis.
  5. Organize the paper logically and clearly.
  6. Include an effective conclusion.
  7. Include clear sentences and ensure the paper is relatively free of grammatical and spelling errors.

Prepare this assignment according to the MLA guidelines found in the MLA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.

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