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M1: Discussion on Usability and User Experience

This discussion board assignment is intended for you to put into practice what you have read about in the first module. Specifically, the objective is to enable you to define usability and user experience goals and to transform these and other design principles into specific questions to help evaluate an interactive product.

Find an everyday handheld device, remote control, digital camera, smartphone, and examine how it has been designed, paying particular attention to how the user is meant to interact with it. Write a short summary addressing the following (label as below):

  1. From your first impressions, write down what first comes to mind as to what is good and bad about the way the device works.
  2. Give a description of the user experience resulting from interacting with it.
  3. Based on your reading of this chapter and any other material you have come across, compile a set of usability and user experience goals that you think will be most relevant in evaluating the device.
  4. Decide which are the most important ones and explain why.
  5. Translate each of your sets of usability and user experience goals into two or three specific questions.
  6. Then use them to assess how well your device fares.

Post the answers to 1 through 6 online. Also, share a picture of the device to better illustrate what you are discussing. Next post at least two replies to your colleagues

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