Advanced Excel Assignment Needed

I am reposting this question: the tutor that did this assignment previously did not do it correctly. Please make sure EVERY step is done LETTER A THOUGH U | EVERY STEP MUST BE DONE IN THE BOOK INSTRUCTIONS AS WELL AS THE INSTRUCTOR’S INSTRUCTIONS BELOW

I attached the necessary files to complete the assignment. Please contact me with any questions.

  1. Complete the Chapter 12 Practice Exercise 2: “Sales Management” on pages 786-787. Complete Steps A-U.
  2. Step A: See the template file listed in Multimedia Resources at the top of this lesson page instead of searching in the gallery (the file is no longer available via Microsoft).
  • Step U: Add your name, MEID, and course section number in the footer.
    • Save your file as “SalesManagement_MEID.xlsm” Note: Where indicated, replace “MEID” with your MEID number, and be sure to use the “Save As” option to save as an Excel macro-enabled workbook.

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