Domestic Preparedness and Weapons of Mass Destruction

The use of weapons of mass destruction by terrorists represents a threat scenario of extreme concern for policymakers and the general public. Weaponized chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear devices have the potential to cause widespread damage and mass casualties. Even in the event that the use of such weapons does not result in great loss of life or infrastructure damage, the mere use of these weapons would cause widespread fear and disruption. The challenge for policymakers is the extent to which such and incident can be prepared for and mitigated.


  • How effective would urban emergency management systems be if a mass-casualty attack occurs?
  • Can emergency medical systems cope with mass-casualty attacks ?
  • Which domestic security measures are acceptable I the aftermath of a mass-casualty attack?
  • Which domestic security measures are unacceptable in the aftermath of a mass-casualty attack?
  • Should federal authority be expanded to directly manage state and local emergency response systems?

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