literature review 1

I will need someone you TO follow instructions closely, since I have it redone because prior tutor didn’t follow instructions. The instructions are attached as a word document and there are links to examples on how it needs to look like so just follow those examples and nothing can go wrong. NEED TO BE 2-3 pages long this is a literature analysis of the article attached. Persuasive Essay.

This is the review I got on the one that was failed so please make sure you follow instructions:

Select one of the readings from any module and, as Monica did in the sample essay above, uncover the author’s deeper meaning of the text.

Write a persuasive essay (500-750 words long) in which you present a thesis and develop an argument that in some way addresses one of the questions posed above in the quote from “Why Study Literary Theory.” You will need to conduct research and do the following:

The questions you had to choose from were as follows:

What does this work say about the human condition? How does it convey its message? Does it portray its subjects fairly? What political or social ideas does it advance?

Your paper was about literary criticism-not about one of the module readings.

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