OL-211 Milestone 4 Essay

I am needing a 2 page paper written on the following:

Overview: This milestone focuses on the topic of this week’s lessons: compensating employees. Using the material on compensation provided in this week’s
lesson (I will provide login for Cengage after I have chosen a tutor.) and the case study, write a short paper in which you:

– Describe the compensation philosophy of Maersk and how the market influences this philosophy.

– Determine the value of salary surveys to an organization.

– Describe the advantages of discretionary benefits to Maersk.

Guidelines for Submission: Your submission should be two pages in length and double-spaced using 12-point Times New Roman font. Be sure to list your
references at the end of your paper.

Cengage Text Info: Managing Human Resources, Sections 9.1: What is Compensation? and 9.2a: Linking Compensation to Organizational Objectives (pp. 344–348); Section 9.3: Compensation Design–The Pay Mix through Section 9.3b: External Factors (pp. 354–360); Section 9.5a: Wage and Salary Surveys (pp. 363–364); and Section 11.3: Work-Life Discretionary Benefits (pp. 437–449) You do not have to read all of the text, but I would like you to reference it in the essay.

**Please cite all of the documents and sites used to complete this paper in MLA format. Must use proper grammar and original work. **

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