Tech Project #2 Web Design Exercise, management homework help

Due Date: Sunday, July 9 at 11:59 PM

Web Design Exercise.

In this tech project you are to learn some basic HTML coding and develop a simple 3 page web site for the Mountain View Dental Clinic.

Instructions and specifications for the assignment are in the document titled Tech Project 2.pdf. There is a grading rubric included in that document to help you identify how your submitted work will be scored.

There are a number of resources included in this post. Explore them and use them, as those that you find most useful.

Posted with this link is an introductory lecture to help you get started (HTMLDesign.wrf). To view that lecture, you must have the CISCO WebEx player installed on your computer.

Also attached is an HTML5 textbook titled This book is a great reference if you want to learn more.

The document called is a compressed folder that includes the PowerPoint slides introduced in class as well as all the sample html files presented during the lecture. Be sure to unzip the folder in order to access the html files from the PowerPoint slide links.

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