US business judgement rule

Answer the questions
accordingly, it does not matter how long. It could be around 300 words.
As long as the questions are answered with no plagiarism. Paragraph
format. no bullet points. PLEASE provide REFERENCE.

Discussion is on:

Locate the U.S. Business Judgment Rule
Then locate the rule in any other country

1. What part or parts of the U.S. rule do you either agree or disagree?
Compare/contrast the U.S. with your selected country. If they are the
same, why do you think they are stated in similar ways. If different,
discuss the differences.
3. If you could change the U.S. rule, what would you change and why?
or If you would not change anything in the U.S. rule, discuss what aspects of the rule you believe are most effective and why?

You MUST provide citations for all materials used.

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