2000 word essay , 1000 words on section A and 1000 words on section B

Section A: How is a fact different from an opinion? What is the difference between an objective and a subjective claim? Explain the theory of cultural relativism. Give a breakdown of reasons for being a relativist and reasons against being one. What is ethical subjectivism? What role does it give emotions or feelings within its explanation of right and wrong? Ultimately, which do you find more reasonable, and why?

Section B: What is Psychological Egoism? Explain and criticize. What is Ethical Egoism? Explain and criticize. The concept of altruism should feature into your exploration of both. In the end, is either theory successful in your view? Why or why not? 

 Instructions:Write a paper totaling 2,000 words, answering one question from Section A (1000 words) and one question from Section B (1000 words). Times New Roman, size 12, double spaced.

Please include little to no quoted material in your paper. The point is to get you to describe and characterize the material, not to just import the words of others. If you must quote, just include a parenthetical citation at the end of the quote, like this: “(Author Name, Book Title, Page Number).” There is no need to provide a bibliography. 

Do not go significantly over or under the word limit. Going significantly over is an indication that you were not able to summarize the material in the amount of words given, and going significantly under is an indication that you did not need the extra words due to your summary already including everything that is necessary to adequately articulate the positions.

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