Article Review Social Work 101


The exercise of an article review is to demonstrate research acumen. As you advance through your undergraduate experience, you will find that good research skills are essential to your success. Research underscores policy; policy serves as the foundation for social welfare.Please select an article from a professional scholarly journal (magazines, newspapers or blog posts are not acceptable). The article should be no older than from the year 2000 and should be in some way related to the readings thus far in the course (i.e. poverty, helping the poor,history of social welfare, social welfare / social work, social welfare / social work in urban areas,etc.).**Please submit your article as an attachment in email to me.**

The following criteria will be used to grade your article review. Your review is worth a maximum of 100 points and should be between 3-4 pages.

1. Summarize the context and content of the selected article.a. Provide a very thorough, clear and concise summary of the article context and content.

2. Relate the article to the class readings.a. Briefly describe how this article relates to the class readings thus far.

3. Identify and describe your personal reaction to the article.

   a. Thoroughly describe your personal reaction to the article.

   b. Include discussion of the relevant issues within the article; be sure your opinions are in reference to the article.

4. Accurate use of grammar, sentence structure and paragraph mechanics, APA style for references and citations.

    a. Ensure correct information regarding the article title, author name and article source and date.

    b. Consistently use accurate and proper grammatical conventions, spelling and punctuation.

    c. Clearly and consistently use proper APA formatting for citations and references.

The article I would like reviewed is in this link: 

I need this tomorrow 11/18/17

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