GRO 325 Aging & Health Week4-D1

 Nutritional Status of Elders 


This week, some of our reading involves learning about nutrition and  its importance in healthy aging. There are many issues involved,  including access to sufficient amounts of healthy foods as well as  physiological changes that occur with aging that may interfere with  metabolism and absorption of nutrients. Assessment of the nutritional  status of elders, and understanding the importance of this factor in the  quality of life of healthy aging, is part of the standard of care of  aged adults. For this discussion, please address the following  components of this topic: Analyze the factors affecting the nutritional status of older  adults. Be sure to address at least three of the following factors:  physiological, psychological, educational, and economic factors, as well  as living arrangements, culture, and environment.  What is the significance of these factors in older adulthood and in what ways do they impact the health status of the elderly?  Additionally, why are common nutritional problems such as obesity,  malnutrition, and unintentional weight loss an issue during this stage  of development?  

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