I believe in strong separation of church and state. I think there should be separation because they’re so many different religions and accommodating all the them will lead to chaos in America. I also think that they’re are many people who don’t believe or follow a religion so creating laws that account for religion will be a problem for these people. It’s clearly stated in the first amendment that “congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion” so i don’t understand why law makers cant keep following this like we’ve been doing all thee years.  I believe the founding fathers wanted to make sure that religion was completely out of the question when creating laws. There’s absolutely not way to blur lines when making laws, if government allows some laws to accommodate religion then slowly people well start wanting all different types of religions to be accommodated. This is not what the founding fathers wanted they wanted laws to be clean and clear cut so all people can understand them and follow them. 

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I don’t believe that church and state can be separated strictly in the United States. Till now, religion still has significant influence on the politics in the United States. It seems weird if a person is a atheist that he/she doesn’t believe in any type of religions. Religion blends in the society and influence on people’s daily life, it is hard to separate religion from life. 

For examples, some companies are not willing to hire an atheist; a premise for a marriage is both of the couple has same religion. There is a sad example can be discussed, 11th September. Every one knows the criminals are Muslim. And last month, the President Trump was issued a strict law that Muslims are not allowed to enter in the United States. This is an example can show that religion have big impact on politics. 

  The first Amendment stated that Congress is not allowed to influence the religion while the Constitution doesn’t say that religion cannot influence on the states.  But I think it is okay to blur the lines. As the United States is a multiple cultural nation, and the religion can make people become closer even though they come from different nations.    

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