Diverse Ideas of Families

Using at least three of the articles from the unit readings, discuss how the concept of family has changed from the traditional idea of a heterosexual, married couple with children. What are the implications of this change, based on the findings in the articles?  Response Guidelines  Respond to at least one other learner. Make your responses to other learners substantive, referencing the assigned readings and other theoretical, empirical, or professional literature to support your views.  Resources Discussion Participation Scoring Guide. Ethnic and Gender Variations in the Associations Between Family Cohesion, Family Conflict, and Depression in Older Asian and Latino Adults. Lesbian Mother Families and Gay father families in Italy: Family Functioning, Dyadic Satisfaction, and Child Well-Being. Differentiation and Healthy Family Functioning of Koreans in South Korea, South Koreans in the United States, and White Americans. Transfamily theory: How the presence of trans* family members informs gender development in families.

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