Gun Control in the United States: A sociological Analysis

Requirements: 7.5 pages,APA format,single space,12, beside this link’s reference,5-6

references(APA format)

Use this reading: colleges-concealed-

weapons-nra- 20170110-story.html

Divide to 3 parts :

1. Introduction, 1.5page

What is the issue? Based on evidence, how prevalent is it in today’s society? A

presentation of key points that are relevant to the understanding of the newspaper

article and to the understanding of the social issues listed above. In your individual

paper please provide a copy of the text of the newspaper article.

2. Theory (3 parts ,each part 1.5 page) according socialization’s definitional

a. Functionalist Theory,(1.5page) definition:

Socialization performs functions to maintain structure of groups, societies,

in three ways:

1. helps form personality and mould

attitudes, behaviour to conform

2. ensures transmission of culture

(e.g., common language)

3. performs social integration: people share conceptions and rely on each


4. Institutions remain constant and only change to maintain equilibrium.

5. Society tries to reach an equilibrium between its functions, institutions

and people.

6. If one part of society fails, then the whole society fails.

b. Conflict Theory(1.5page) definition :

1. Focuses on the inequality between groups.

2. Conflict between groups where one group wants the status quo (the

thesis) and one group wants change (the antithesis).

3. Eventually both sides will have to come to agreement (or “Synthesis”)

or the society will be torn apart.

4. Social reproduction: societies reproduce themselves in step with

privilege and status

5. Attitudes and behaviours learned vary by class, gender, and


6. Overlapping of categories is a problem in society – school system set

up for middle-class children?

c. Symbolic Interactionist Theory(1.5page) definition :

1. Looking-glass self: personality shaped as we see ourselves mirrored in

others’ reactions. (Cooley)

2. Definition of the situation: if a situation is defined as real by the

individual, it is real in its consequences. (Thomas)

3. Role-taking: effective communication involves taking the role of the

other. (Mead)

4. Herbert Blumer’s Tenets:

a. Individuals act based on the meaning we have given something.

b. Individuals give meanings to things based on our social

interactions: things can have a different meaning to different


c. The meaning we give something is not permanent: it can change

based on our experiences.

3. CRITICAL ASSESSMENT. (1.5 page) What are the limitations of the

newspaper editorial (i.e. are any biases evident and/or any points of view or

evidence not expressed)?

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