Human behavior in social environment

(8 pages) (Rural poverty) Infancy to Middle Childhood Choose a current social problem/social justice issue that you are passionate about or simply interested in exploring more in depth. (Rural poverty) is my topic  Describe issues of diversity as they relate to this social problem/social justice issue (These issues include gender, race, ethnicity, social class, military status, sexual orientation, religion, etc). Please choose at least three of these to explore in three well –developed paragraph. Choose a life course transition/developmental stage (from infant development through middle childhood) Erikson’s eight stages are a great tool to help you choose a developmental life stage/ life course transition. Include a discussion on thebiological,psychological,social cultural implications related to this life stage transition.  Infant to Middle childDiscuss the implications of this social problem when it occurs at this specific life stage transition (For example, ETOH abuse during pregnancy can result in FAS and long term behavioral and medical challenges for the child,) Give an example of how this social problem can affect later developmental opportunities. 

 How might this be helpful to practice in social work setting?


• Application of theories and concepts, diversity influences are intricate, comprehensive   and reflect depth

• Clear expression of ideas

• Organized in a coherent manner

• Grammar

• APA format, etc.7.      Include six (6) journal articles. (10 points)

a)      Two articles should discuss the biological issues related to the life course transition or life stage you selected.

b)      Two articles should discuss the psychological or social issues related to the life course transition or life stage you selected

c)      Two articles should discuss the social problem/social justice issue that you selected.


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