BSHS 332 (Professional, Ethical and Legal Issues in Human Services) Complete Course Week 1-5 A+ Graded

  BSHS 332 ( Professional, Ethical and Legal Issues in Human Service )

Week 1

Week 1 – Discussion Question 1

What is the relationship between ethics and a value system? Which precedes the other? Explain your answer.

Week 1 – Discussion Question 2

 Are professional ethics concerned with actions, the result of actions, or both? Why

Week 1 – Discussion Question 3

What are examples of classical theories of ethics being applied to the professional practice of counselors?

Week 1 Assignments:

Week 1 (Plagiarism Quiz) 30 MCQ’s, Fill in the Blank & True False

BSHS 332 Week 1 summary

Week 2

Week 2 – Discussion Question 1
How might critical legal decisions affect the practice of human service professionals today?

Week 2 – Discussion Question 2

Can you obey the law and still commit an ethical violation? Explain your answer.
Can you be ethical and still break the law? Explain your answer.

Week 2 – Discussion Question 3

Review the codes regarding intimate relationships with clients in the NASW Code of Ethics and the Code of Ethics, The Code of Ethics for the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapist, and the Code of Ethics for the American Counseling Association. The links for each of these Codes of Ethics are on page 5 of your syllabus.What are the similarities between the codes of these three organizations?
What are the differences between the codes of these three organizations?

Week 2 Assignments: Workplace Ethical Dilemma Paper 1250 + Words

BSHS 332 Week 2 Personal Reaction Paper 900+ Words

BSHS 332 Week 2 Team Assignment (Major Ethical Theory Presentation) 11 Slides

BSHS 332 Week 2 Summary

Week 3

Wk 3 Discussion Question 1

According to ethical codes and standards of three different organizations listed in Freeman, or in your syllabus:
What is your personal responsibility as a clinician when you believe yourself to be either not be competent, stressed, or burned out. Cite codes.
What is your responsibility when you know a colleague is not functioning up to par, or when you know that a colleague has been unethical. Cite codes.
What do you do when you believe your supervisor is incompetent. Cite codes.

What is your personal responsibility as a clinician when you believe yourself to be either not be competent, stressed, or burned out. Cite codes.

Wk 3 Discussion Question 2

What is informed consent?
When informed consent must be given.
When it comes to informed consent, can a client have too much information? Why or why not?

Wk 3 Discussion Question 3

Based on the week 3 reading, and the Codes of Ethics of at least two organizations listed in your syllabus; each as a separate paragraph; explain how you handle confidentiality , privileged communication , and the right to privacy in your practice as a human services professional? Cite the applicable codes .

Week 3 Assignments: Dynamics of Ethics Paper 1250+ Words

Website Regulatory Paper 1250 + Words

BSHS 332 Week 3 Summary.

Week 4

Wk 4 Discussion Question 1

Name and briefly describe 5 ethical standards as they apply to research of humans, according to the American Psychological Association.

Wk 4 Discussion Question 2

What are the advantages of professional codes of ethics, if any? What makes them advantages and to whom? What are the disadvantages of professional codes of ethics, if any? What makes them disadvantages and to whom?

Wk 4 Discussion Question 3 According to the American Psychological Association, what are our ethical responsibilities to animals? What rights do animals have? Based on the above question, what is your opinion on the necessity of having ethical standards for animal research?

Week 4 Assignments: Personal Values and Ethical Standards Paper 2300+ WordsAbuse Reporting Paper Team 1550 + WordsInformed Consent Summary Report

Week 5

Wk 5 Discussion Question 1

Of all of the codes and standards you have studied and researched, which ONE made the greatest impression on you, grabbed your attention more, gave your the greatest surprise, or made the most profound effect on you, and why?

Wk 5 Discussion Question 2

How the course content has and the discussions of the class affected how you think about yourself as a worker in this field of such ethical codes and standards?What do you think you can do to personally abide by codes of ethics within a human service organization? How do you think you would respond if you had knowledge of a colleague who was blatantly breaking the codes, and not behaving ethically towards clients?

Wk 5 Discussion Question 3

Given all that you know now about codes of ethics, the organizations that develop them, and the purposes of them to organizations, communities, professionals, and the public; do you believe that your those who work in your current agency or any agency you are familiar with, functions within the codes and standards? What areas do you think needs the greatest change, if any? What do you think you can do to be instrumental in that change? In what area does your agency meet or exceed in practice of the codes of ethics.
Please feel free to contribute any other thoughts or statements about practices, codes, standards, agencies, professionals, or things that you believe to be important in this regard.

Week 5 Assignments: Local Human Service Agency Presentation and Summary 1050 + Words

Ethical Research Standards 1200+ Words

Week 5 Summary


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